Diploma in Stock Market

Stock Market Classes In Indore

Stock Market Classes In Indore

It is a foundation course in the stock market. The course will start from the very scratch and step by step will take the candidate to the mid-level of the stock market. The Stock Market course is divided into 5 unique modules  designed by the experienced and professional stock market trader/investor



This Stock Market course is extremely helpful to candidates who are new to the stock market or at intermediate to mid-level. This course will create an opportunity for candidates to be mentored by CFA Charterholder  


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Key Course Highlights:

·        Introduction to Stock Market, Market Participants, Financial Intermediaries, Regulator, Primary Market (IPO, Right Issue, FPO, Preferential Issue) & Secondary Market, Global Markets, Scanners, Corporate Actions and NSE & BSE Website Tour

  • Financial Statements: P&L Account and Balance sheet

  • Relative Valuation Technique: P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, P/S Ratio, EV/EBITDA

·        Basics: Tax, Brokerage, Trading Segment, Circuit Filters, and Demat & Trading Account

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  • Derivative Market Structure, Forwards, Futures, Futures Pricing, Cost-Of-Carry, Swap, Options, Options Pricing, Factors Affecting Option Price and Market Participants

  • Economy: India, US, UK, European Union, China, Japan, Germany and France

  • Economic Variables: GDP, Inflation, Interest Rate, Monetary & Fiscal Policy and Unemployment