Technical Analysis


In this Technical Analysis Course, candidates will learn to trade in stock, commodity, and currency markets. The strategies & concepts covered in the Technical Analysis Course will help candidates identify money-making opportunities in Intraday, BTST, and SWING Trading.


The Technical Analysis Course will help candidates become a professional trader and also prepare them for Technical Analysis based jobs 



Financial Brokers, Financial Research Companies and Investment Advisory

Key Course Highlights:

    •         Technical Analysis: Introduction, Tools and Assumptions

    •         Price: Line Chart, Bar Chart and Candle stick Chart

    •          Volume: Interpretation & Analysis

    •          Timeframe: Interpretation and Application

    •          Support and Resistance: Meaning and Identification

    •          Trend Lines: Implication, Reliability and Uses

    •          Trends: Uptrend ,Downtrend and Sideway/Horizontal trend

    •         Channels: Upward, Downtrend and Sideways Price Channel

    • Single  Candle stick: Marubozu, Doji, Spinning Tops, Hammer, Hanging Man and Shooting Star

    •          Multiple  Candle stick: Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patter, Piercing Pattern, Bearish & Bullish Harami, Dark Cloud Cover, Morning & Evening Star

    •          Gaps: Gap Up & Gap Down Opening

    • Reversal : Head and Shoulders, Double Tops and Bottoms, Triple Tops and Bottoms, Inverse Head and Shoulders

    • Continuation: Cup and Handle, Triangles, Flag and Pennant Wedg

    • Gaps

    • Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average Crossover, Relative Strength Index, MACD, Supertrend and Pivot 

    •          Reward to Risk Ratio, Checklist, Scanners and Intraday Trading