Financial Markets & Financial Modeling

Certification in Financial Markets & Financial Modeling

This all-in-one finance course contains 11 modules and 450+ hours of practical training (150+ hours of practical delivery of the course content by CFA Charterholder and 300+ hours of practice). During 150+ hours of training, the candidate will gain complete knowledge about the financial markets which includes Stock Market, Commodity Market, Currency Market, Bond Market, etc 


By the end of this course, the candidate will be well trained to clear exam-based certifications including NCFM (by NSE Academy), NISM (by SEBI) and Investment Foundation Program (by CFA Institute, USA). Adding these certifications in the resume will help students to improve their profile and gain a competitive advantage over others. Additionally, Financial Market course will build-up a strong base for CFA Level 1 exam preparation


This course will also help students to fleet start their career in finance and investments with Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, KPO's, Banks, Credit Rating Companies, Financial Brokers, and many more. Additionally, this course will help candidates to become professional trader/investor


After completion of this course, students will be offered 100% Placement/Internship Assistance.


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Key Course Highlights:

    • Shares
    • Commodities
    • Real Estate
    • Hedge Funds
    • Private Equity
    • Debt Instrumets
    • Currency
    • Mutual Funds
    • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    • Primary & Secondary Market
    • Market Participants
    • Regulatory Bodies

    Financial Websites, Blogs, Magazines & News

    • Introduction to Stock Market, Market Participants, Financial Intermediaries, Regulator, Primary & Secondary Market, Online & Offline Trading, Global Markets, Scanners, Corporate Actions and Trading Segments 

    • Working with Workbook, Working with Tabs and Special Functions

    (Our Advance MS Excel Course Will Be Completely Covered Under This Module)

    • Financial Analysis Concept & Techniques, Data Gathering & Analysis, Forecasting, Valuation Methodologies, and Report Writing

    (Our Equity Research & Financial Modeling Course Will Be Completely Covered Under This Module)

    • Economic Variables: GDP, Monetary & Fiscal policy, Inflation, Interest Rate, Unemployment, Debt-to-GDP Ratio, and Current Account-to-GDP
    • Economy: India, US, China, Japan, UK, Germany, France, and European Union

    • Derivative Market Structure, Forwards, Futures, Futures Pricing, Cost-Of-Carry, Swap, Options, Options Pricing, Factors Affecting Option Price, Option Strategies and Market Participants

    • Bond Price, Yield Measures, Pricing Bonds with Spot Rates, Securitization, Interest Rate Risk on Bonds and Credit Rating 

    • Spot & Forward Exchange Rate, Forward Rate Calculations, Market Functions & Participants, Cross Rate Calculations, Interest Rate Parity and Factors Impacting Currency Prices

    • Live Trading, Commodity Balance Sheet Analysis, and Trading Strategies

    • Introduction to Technical Analysis, Charts & Trends, Candle Stick Charts, Chart Patterns, Major Indicators & Oscillators, and Trading Strategies

    (Our Certification in Technical Analysis Course Will Be Completely Covered Under This Module)