Advance MS Excel


This course will start from the beginner’s level, and step by step will take the candidates to the advanced level of MS Excel. The course is must recommend to students and professionals about to start their professional career or wish to enhance their MS Excel skills

Key Course Highlights:

    • Quick Access Tool Bar: Add and delete functions
    • Shortcuts: Paste special, Add row & column, Delete row & columns, Hide & Unhide row & columns, Filter, Find & Replace, Working with cells and many more
    • Referencing: Absolute and Relative referencing

    • Page Layout: Margins, Orientation, Scale
    • Formulas: Financial, Logical, Text, Date & Time, Lookup, Mathematical
    • Home: Format painter, Merge & Centre, Wrap text, Filter, Find & Replace

    • Insert: Smart art, Line, Column and Pie charts

    • Data: Sorting, Remove duplicates 

    • Review: Protect workbook, Protect sheet and Share workbook

    • View: Freeze panes

    Paste Special, Conditional Formatting, Hyperlink, Pivot Table, Vlookup, Hlookup, Amortization Schedule, NPV, IRR, Retirement Planning, EMI Calculation, Transpose, What If Analysis, Sum If, Data Validation, many more ....