Advance Technical And Trading Strategies

Advance Technical And Trading Strategies


Master the art of professional trading with the help of our 'Advance Technical & Trading Strategy' Course. In this Advance Technical Analysis Course, candidates will learn the secret and proven trading strategies used by the professional traders for Intraday, BTST, Swing Trades, and Options Trading. The strategies covered in the course has been used on regular basis to manage the institute proprietary fund. These proven trading strategies will help candidates to identify profitable trading opportunities in Stock, Commodity, Currency and Index Trading. 

This Advance Technical Analysis course is 100% practically delivered by the CFA qualified, experienced & active trader. This course is must recommended to candidates who is already involved into trading or willing to create their professional career in trading Stock, Commodity or Currency Market    


Self Employed, Investment Advisory, Financial Brokers and Financial Research Companies

Module 1: Advance Trading Strategy For Equity, Commodity & Currency

    • Trading Using Heikin Ashi Candles
    • Box Trading Strategy
    • Scalping
    • Crossover
    • Reversal Trading Strategy Using X-CODE
    • Reversal Trading Strategy Using Bollinger Bands

Module 2: Elliott Wave Theory

    • Detailed Explanation & Live Market Application
    • Trading Startegy Using Elliott Wave

Module 3: Option Trading Strategies For Equity, Index and Currency

    • Long Build Up, Short Build Up, Long Unwinding and Short Unwinding
    • Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Straddle, Strangle and Zero Cost Collar

Module 4: Algo Trading

    • Predefined Scanners: Volume Shoker, Stock Approaching 52 Week High & Low, Cost Of Carry Trade, Stocks at Day High & Low
    • Custom Scanners: Creating Custom Scanners Based of Individual Thesis & Believe