Advance Technical And Trading Strategies

Advance Technical And Trading Strategies


In this course, candidates will learn the secret and proven trading strategies used by the professional traders for Intraday, BTST, Swing Trades, and Options Trading. These strategies will help traders to identify profitable trading opportunities in Stock, Commodity, and Currency Market. Moreover, candidates will learn to create custom scanners, backtest trading strategies and apply Algo Trading to eliminate behavioral biases


Investment Advisory, Financial Brokers and Financial Research Companies

Module 1: Gann Theory with Advanced Gann Calculations

    Gann Theory plots time and stock price in geometric angles with simple & easy to understand graphs. Historically, this theory has been used by professional traders to calculate the target and stop loss price for intraday and positional trades.

    By the end of this module, candidate will master the entry and exit price for the trade calculated with real time Gann calculation in ms excel 

Module 2: Trading with Real Time Scanners

    In this module you will learn to build custom scanners and use the well proven existing scanners to filter stocks and commodities for intraday and BTST trades

    By the end of this module, candidate will be able to identify master blaster stocks and commodities expected to give significant returns on the long & short side in Cash, Futures & Option segment

Module 3: Option Chain Trading

    This module is extremely helpful for the candidates willing to trade in derivates option segment. Under this module candidates will learn to analyze option chain data to identify the stocks and commodities based options for intraday and positional trades 

    By the end of this module, candidate will learn to apply various option strategies like Straddle, Covered Call, Protective Put, Collar, Zero Cost Collar, Bull Spread and Bear Spread. Additionally, Candidate will be capable of identifying profitable Call & Put option trades based on underlying volatility, open interest, strike price, volumes, etc 

Module 4: Algo Trading

    Algorithmic trading also known as automated trading can be used to trade based on pre defined algorithms or set of instructions used to eliminate the behavioral biases (human emotions) of trader and identifying the trading opportunities

    Although, candidate will not be taught to develop algorithms but he will master to trade based on pre defined set of instructions based on trimmings, price, volume or any other parameter. This module will help candidate to back test his trading strategy to understand its viability, eliminate human emotions impacting trade negatively, reducing the implicit cost of the trade, etc