Diploma in Stock Market

Stock Market Classes In Indore

Stock Market Classes In Indore

Diploma in Stock Market is specially developed for those who are charmed by the equity (share) markets but do not have enough knowledge to understand its engineering. A course suitable for students, housewife, businessmen, job seekers and everyone who wants to unlock the potential of share market.

Diploma in Stock Market:
It is a course carefully researched & designed by our experience team to introduce amateurs to the world of stock market. Share market is one of the most fascinating industries but it has always remained out of reach for masses due to its complexities. We focus on all the important aspects like online trading, derivative pricing & strategies, key economic variables, basics of fundamental analysis, primary & secondary market, corporate actions, global equity indices with a practical blend. Helping candidates to understand the share market like a cakewalk.

Key Course Highlights:

  • Primary Market: IPO, Right Issue and Preferential Issue

  • Secondary Market: Participants , Intermediaries and Depositories

  • Exchanges: NSE and BSE

  • Sources: Screening, Surroundings, Corporate Actions and Mutual Fund holding

  • Global Markets & Exchanges: US, Asian and Europe

  • Financial Statements: P&L Account and Balance sheet

  • Relative Valuation Technique: P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, P/S Ratio, EV/EBITDA

  • Basics : Tax, Brokerage, Trading and Demat Account

  • Live Online Trading

  • Instruments: Futures and Options

  • Option Strategies: Long call ,Long put ,Short call ,Short put

  • Economy: India, US, UK, European Union, China, Japan, Germany and France

  • Economic Variables: GDP, Inflation, Interest Rate, Monetary & Fiscal Policy and Unemployment