Diploma in Stock Market

Stock Market Classes In Indore

Stock Market Classes In Indore

This foundation course in stock market will help candidates to practically learn investing in IPO’s, identifying the impact of corporate actions on stock price, tracking the global stock market and their impact on Indian stock market, screening stocks for investments, basics of fundamental analysis, buying/selling stocks in live market, trading shares in futures & options segment, in-depth about mutual fund investing and analyzing the impact of macroeconomic variables on stock market



This Share Market course is extremely helpful to candidates, who are new to stock market or at intermediate to mid level. This course will create opportunity for candidates to be mentored by CFA Charterholder

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Key Course Highlights:

·        Introduction to Stock Market, Market Participants, Financial Intermediaries, Regulator, Primary Market (IPO, Right Issue, FPO, Preferential Issue) & Secondary Market, Global Markets, Scanners, Corporate Actions and NSE & BSE Website Tour

  • Financial Statements: P&L Account and Balance sheet

  • Relative Valuation Technique: P/E Ratio, P/B Ratio, P/S Ratio, EV/EBITDA

·        Basics: Tax, Brokerage, Trading Segment, Circuit Filters, and Demat & Trading Account

Live Online Trading

  • Derivative Market Structure, Forwards, Futures, Futures Pricing, Cost-Of-Carry, Swap, Options, Options Pricing, Factors Affecting Option Price and Market Participants

  • Economy: India, US, UK, European Union, China, Japan, Germany and France

  • Economic Variables: GDP, Inflation, Interest Rate, Monetary & Fiscal Policy and Unemployment