Technical Analysis

Technical analysis classes in indore

Technical Analysis is a key skill required for short term trading in equity, commodity and currency markets. A perfect course for day traders helps them in learning different trading strategies. It also provides ample opportunities to job seeker looking for technical/research analyst profiles.

Technical Analysis:

What it is?
Technical Analysis focuses on price prediction of shares, commodities, bonds, currency & many more based on their historical price movement and quantity traded. The major tool used in technical analysis is Candle stick chart. And price predictions are based upon different patterns like double top, triple top, head & shoulder and many more; along with focus on oscillators and indicators.

How does it help:
It is one of the most used investment tools around the globe especially by traders. It helps investors in intraday as well as short term trading strategies and executing profitable trades. Technical analysis is rightly called as an Art as well as science. So, we focus on grooming the observation skills of the candidates along with the theory portion to make them employable & successfull trader. Indore being an investor hub and a leading destination for Financial Advisory; it has huge requirements for technical analyst. We provide 100% placement assistance in this course. And it really makes us proud that our candidates are placed as research (technical) analyst with major Financial Advisory’s & Brokers in the country within a short span of time.

Key Course Highlights:

    •         Technical Analysis: Introduction, Tools and Assumptions

    •         Price: Line Chart, Bar Chart and Candle stick Chart

    •          Volume: Interpretation & Analysis

    •          Timeframe: Interpretation and Application

    •          Support and Resistance: Meaning and Identification

    •          Trend Lines: Implication, Reliability and Uses

    •          Trends: Uptrend ,Downtrend and Sideway/Horizontal trend

    •         Channels: Upward, Downtrend and Sideways Price Channel

    • Single  Candle stick: Marubozu, Doji, Spinning Tops, Hammer, Hanging Man and Shooting Star

    •          Multiple  Candle stick: Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patter, Piercing Pattern, Bearish & Bullish Harami, Dark Cloud Cover, Morning & Evening Star

    •          Gaps: Gap Up & Gap Down Opening

    • Reversal : Head and Shoulders, Double Tops and Bottoms, Triple Tops and Bottoms, Inverse Head and Shoulders

    • Continuation: Cup and Handle, Triangles, Flag and Pennant Wedg

    • Gaps

    • Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average Crossover, Relative Strength Index, MACD, Supertrend and Pivot 

    •          Reward to Risk Ratio, Checklist, Screener and Intraday Trading