English Speaking & Personality Development

English Speaking & Personality Development

It is a well-established fact that in today’s highly competitive world with cultural and economic globalization, one must be well-versed in English and must have exceptional communication skills backed up with an impressive personality in order to scale-up in career and in social, professional and personal facets of life. At MICR (Maheshwari Institute), we strive to mentor our students with time-proven teaching techniques so that they can outshine others with their skill-set.

The English Speaking and Personality Development Course is designed as such that it can cater to a wide spectrum of learners: from school and college students to job aspirants, from working professionals to home makers, from children to elderly and so on. The scope of the course ensures overall development of the learner.

The complete training is divided into 3 course which ensures gradual and lasting transformation of the learner. The 1st course (Boss The Basics - Beginners) aims at establishing a strong foundation of basic functional grammar and vocabulary with a focus on day-to-day real time conversational requisites so that the learner can speak simple yet correct English.

The 2nd course (Polish Your Persona - Intermediate) aims at development of fluency in English with modern and latest teaching tools which also improves the thought process of the learner. Moreover the road to a confident and effective personality is paved by inculcating various soft-skills in the learners.  This course enhances learner’s public speaking, presentations, business English, email drafting and group discussion skills. Apart from these, the life-skills taught enable the learner to face any difficulty in life with confidence.

The 3rd course (Be The Pro) gives the extra edge required to the knowledge base and skill set of the learner and enables him to exploit any opportunity available to the most for an escalated career. The learner is introduced to various exceptional ways to face any selection process for any job (GD, PI, written test etc.) and to eliminate any possible mistake which can hinder one’s career growth.


Course 1: Boss The Basics - Beginners

      This course aims at a fair comprehension of the English grammar and its rules along with development of a basic vocabulary so that the learner is able to master the four basic paradigms of English viz. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It will enable learner to express himself in simple yet correct English.

      Who will be benefitted?

      • The students who find it difficult to follow lessons in English

      • The students who wish to take admission in renowned institutes

      • Professionals who seek to enhance their skill sets

      • Professionals who use English at workplace but aren’t confident enough

      • Job-seekers who want to have an edge over others

      • Housewives or Parents to be more aware and help their children in studies

      Course Contents:

      • Functional English Grammar- Rules and Application in Spoken English

      • Basic Vocabulary– Words, Antonym & Synonyms, Phrases & Idioms, Foreign Words

      • Correct Pronunciation

      • Sentence Formation- Simple and Complex

      Training Methodology:

      • Intensive Speaking Practice

      • Day-to-day Conversation Practice

      • Reading, Writing and Listening Practice

      • Weekly Tests (Spoken and Written)

Course 2: Polish Your Persona - Intermediate

    In today’s competitive era mere knowledge of English language is not enough. In order to outshine others one must possess an impressive personality along with communication, interpersonal and social skills. A strong personality brings happiness, success and meaning to both professional and personal lives.

    Who will be benefitted?

    • School students aiming for top colleges.

    • Professionals looking for career growth

    • Job-seekers

    • Housewives who wish to groom their personality

    • Students and professionals who aspire to study abroad

    • And anyone who wish to brush-up previous knowledge of English and advance his personality

    Course Contents:

    • Advanced vocabulary with impressive words

    • Correction of common errors while speaking

    • Framing of complex and verbose sentences

    • Tone and accent

    • Real time conversations- both formal and informal

    • Soft Skills

    • Public Speaking Skills

    • Written Communication Skills- letters and e-mails

    • Personal Grooming

    • Manners and etiquettes

    Training Methodology:

    • Role-plays

    • Intellectual games

    • Speaking activities

    • Group Discussions

    • Quizzes

    • Presentations

    • Brainstorming sessions.

Course 3: Be The Pro

    This course helps professionals and job seekers to exploit the available opportunities in the best way they can to ensure that they outshine others in a GD or PI.

    Course Contents:

    • How to carry out a good GD and express yourself better

    • Overcoming difficult situations occurring in a GD

    • Common interview questions and how to answer them

    • Common mistakes made in a GD or PI

    • How to negotiate with the employers

    • How to answer confidently in a better and different way

    • How to be more presentable and courteous

    Training Methodology:

    • Mock GD-PI by professionals

    • Resume or CV preparation

    • Speaking activities

    • Presentations

    • Brainstorming sessions.