English Speaking & Personality Development

English Course

It is a well-established fact that in today’s highly competitive world with cultural and economic globalization, one must be well-versed in English and must have exceptional communication skills backed up with an impressive personality in order to scale-up in career and in social, professional and personal facets of life. At MICR (Maheshwari Institute), we strive to mentor our students with time-proven teaching techniques so that they can outshine others with their skill-set.

The English Speaking and Personality Development Course is designed as such that it can cater to a wide spectrum of learners: from school and college students to job aspirants, from working professionals to home makers, from children to elderly and so on. The scope of the course ensures overall development of the learner.

The complete training is divided into 3 course which ensures gradual and lasting transformation of the learner. The 1st course (Boss The Basics - Beginners) aims at establishing a strong foundation of basic functional grammar and vocabulary with a focus on day-to-day real time conversational requisites so that the learner can speak simple yet correct English.

The 2nd course (Polish Your Persona - Intermediate) aims at development of fluency in English with modern and latest teaching tools which also improves the thought process of the learner. Moreover the road to a confident and effective personality is paved by inculcating various soft-skills in the learners.  This course enhances learner’s public speaking, presentations, business English, email drafting and group discussion skills. Apart from these, the life-skills taught enable the learner to face any difficulty in life with confidence.

The 3rd course (Be The Pro) gives the extra edge required to the knowledge base and skill set of the learner and enables him to exploit any opportunity available to the most for an escalated career. The learner is introduced to various exceptional ways to face any selection process for any job (GD, PI, written test etc.) and to eliminate any possible mistake which can hinder one’s career growth.