Advance Technical And Trading Strategies

English Course

Module 1: Boss The Basics

    • Single and multiple candlestick patterns

    • Chart patterns and trend lines

    • Indicators and oscillatorss

Module 2: Positional & Intraday Trading using Scanners

    • Bullish reversal

    • Bearish reversal

    • Bullish/ Bearish gap with volume surge

Module 3: Option Chain Trading

    • Identifying support and resistance levels by analysing OI

    • Identifying breakout and breakdown levels

    • Building positional and intraday levels

    • Trading on strategies like bull spread, bear spread, straddle et al

Module 4: Trading with GANN Theory

    • Intraday and positional buying and selling levels with real time Gann calculations

    • Analysing OI and calculating buy/sell triggers with appropriate stop loss

    • Using indicators along with candlestick patterns for intraday and positional trades